Bitcoin Blockchain & Cryptocurrency By Dr Zeeshan Al-Hassan Usmani

Bitcoin Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Dr Zeeshan Al-Hassan Usmani’s book Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrency details all aspects of virtual currency in detail. After reading this book you will learn a lot about cryptocurrency. Dr Zeeshan Al-Hassan Usmani holds a PhD and MS in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Bitcoin Blockchain and Crypto currency

Women, money, land and their stories were heard since childhood, but did you know that one day this money will change everything in your field of work. This book on bitcoin and blockchain is one of the hardest books of my life. It was very difficult to translate the story of money of nearly thirty thousand years into a few pages. There is no other way but to write.

This book is a three-pronged sword. If I could not understand my point, then fatwas of haraam and kufr were issued. If I remain silent, Maulana Abdul Haq comes to mind and if I write, I am afraid that this soul and intellect will not push me to hell.

Why read this book?

I think this book should be read by every Pakistani. Instead of writing the preface, it would be enough if I copied the 115-year-old preface from Allama Iqbal’s book “Economics علم الاقصاد”. Where we stood 115 years ago, we are today.
The reason for most of the objections to blockchain and cryptocurrency is lack of knowledge, the only thing new in the world of economics is what you have not read, otherwise, mankind must have seen everything in one color or another.

Book Title: Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrency
Author: Dr Zeeshan Al Hassan Usmani
Published On: April 2018
Publisher: Guftgu Publishers, Islamabad

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